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to close the door as far as it will shut before it actually latches.
"hey, can you clatch the door behind you? I want the cat to be able to get in."
by mandamankins March 08, 2010
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The act of taking a shower then using the wet towel to achieve a orgasm, In most cases the wet towel is used in a see-saw motion until the climax occurs.
Tyler- What is Taking so long for that shower?
Anonymous Hot chick - Im all most done
Tyler- done with what?
Anonymous Hot chick- My daily clatch
by J0ELSELF May 16, 2011
(n) Scientific name:Popliteal Fossa.

Refers to the outer rear section of the knee. It should be noted that while the clatch can be used for the production of farting noises with the hand in a fashion similar to the armpit, it is in theory more related in location and function to the inner elbow (antecubital fossa).

Scientific name: Popliteal Fossa
"The tall grass tickled Marie's clatches and she traipsed through the fields towards home."
by noiugP April 27, 2010
A combination of 'clam' and 'snatch'; A woman's hairy downstairs.
Holy shit man, her clatch smelled awful!

It wasn't quite a clam, but wasn't quite a's a clatch!
by The Grand Wolf December 04, 2010

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