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1. People who steal attention from the teacher (who hates you anyway) so that they can ask unrelated questions and be idiots.

2. Idiots your age or around your age who enjoy annoying, molesting, insulting etc. the teacher

3. Crap that knows how to talk for some reason
"Ask the teacher how babies are made and see what she says! soooo funny!"

"Brb sexually harassing my teacher"

"Hows about we have a threesome at recess?"

"I don't understand why I got in trouble for raping my teacher"

"Have you ever had group sex with classmates?"

"Classmates can be really annoying!"
by Anna Lynn Sanders May 12, 2010
an insult used towards a friend of yours when they are being a tool
Chad- yo bro, hows my hair look today
Bro- it looks pretty shitty
Chad-alright, classmate
by famguyfan84 December 09, 2008
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