CLASS (acronym), Come Late And Start Sleeping
Mom:Go to bed, you're going to be late for class and your probably going to fall asleep in class aswell.

Alex: I know.
by Guenov January 15, 2012
adjectival ejaculatory exlamation. Disproportionately complementary to solid. No, I am not asking you what type of Mercedes that is.
Antonyms: ass, sass, morass
Synonym: panache
"Perfect attendance! Class!"

"You got seat warmers! Class!"
-Wrong response: "ML 430." this is just wrong. no.
by khat. who else. October 12, 2004
<n, pl.>
The plural of the noun class, which can be defined as one of usually many branches of advancement for characters or avatars in rpgs
This game has way too many classes!
by The Baron October 06, 2003
That is a truly witty retort/pun/statement, that made me spurt coffee onto my monitor.
Heh! Class!
by moschops April 01, 2003
(classy, classiness) If one has class they have the ability to make anything (clothing, food, everyday items, etc.) look suave, or like something a rich person would acquire.
"hey look at bill over there. He looks real classy with that glass of lemon lime bitters."
by xXIlluminati_warriorXx April 21, 2013
1.That episode of fantasy factory where they go clubbing with mature women in formal wear and drink champagne.

2. Jack Creech
That man is classy like jack creech.
by Sammy Sprinkler II June 22, 2011
When a boy or girl has a formal, even somewhat snooty way about them, women without class are particularly ho's, or tomboys.
"That bitch ain't got no class"
by Wizzkid2 August 25, 2011

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