A really cool/funny/original person that isn't afraid to be themselves and tell people about it is often described to have class or be classy.

The term classy now a days ,how ever, is normally used in a sarcastic form, seeing as how the image of class over time has deteriorated completely but can still be seen as a compliment or a funny joke.
Example 1:
Guy: So what's up?
Girl: Just eating grilled cheese and watching mr.woodcock
Guy: You've got class

Example 2:
Guy 1: Yeah, she was wearing an extremely tight skirt and it's practically freezing outside. What a slut.
Guy 2: No way man! Tight skirt automatically means she's classy!
by cabauteesta April 16, 2011
C.L.A.S.S. acronym: Consuming Liquor And Seeking Sex. What so many students are doing instead of paying attention, studying, or even showing up for a course of study.
"Sorry can't, I have CLASS tonight"
"Really? There's no school tonight"
by tent man March 05, 2009
Drinking out of bottles (beer).
Dude, drinkin' outa these bud bottles, is straight class.
by Mike Stang February 08, 2008
solo cups you put in the dishwasher that are kinda melty lookin
I'm tryna drink some wine tonight, can you get that class?
by birdmanjunior99 November 30, 2010
A word you can't spell without 'ass'
You can't spell class without 'ass'
by Mush Respect October 24, 2004
Maddison Cavaiuolo. Used to describe the inalienable level and quality of refinement that some posses, that being it persists indifferent to the effect of degenerative factors, (i.e. inebriation)
The customers where astonished, as a fellow patron downed drink after drink, steadily increasing in her intoxication whilst Maddi's class was unaffected.....they would later come to remember her as 'a classy classy lady'.
by The Word Doctor. July 14, 2010
Characteristic girls claim to have when they are scared to get dirt rolled in a physical altercation.
Girl 1: Heard you wanna fight?
Girl 2: Um, no. I have more class then that.

by girlnumberone February 07, 2011

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