A word used to describe anything that is surreally good.
"Oh my God, that new phone is class!"
"Aw class! That biatch is unreal!"
by Mr. Cork March 16, 2006
A chosen branch of advancement for a character or avatar in a role-playing game RPG
<l33t_g33k> What class did you choose?
<n00b_g33k> I chose the Infiltrator, and someday im going to r0XX0R! Can I have some gold?!?!?
<l33t_g33k> ...
by The Baron October 06, 2003
The epitome of man. An individual who's Classiness out weighs the worlds. Who's talent is surpassed only by his dashing good looks. Someone who smokes cigars of gold, and will only do things for his pleasure. A man who uses his dog for his chariot, instead of horses. A man who isn't afraid to show you his Texas belt buckle, and send pictures of it to people. A man...of CLASS.
Drinking out of a glass, being rested upon your stomach...thats classy.
by Big Z-UNIT August 06, 2008
a thing in school where people go when they are young and stupid to learn about sex, drugs, and violence.
damn it man i gotta go 2 that stupid ass history class 2day.
fuckin bitches gave me medical classes when i asked 4 construction classes
by Dick April 30, 2004
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