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one who takes computer hardware
dont take that clarky
by thelus June 25, 2003
19 31
Clarky says, "**seagull screach**"
he can do that.
by the 2 feesh February 05, 2009
25 12
A Clarky is the coolest mother fucker you will ever meet. A Clarky can be either gender as long as they posess all the qualities a kickass person should.
that kid matt is fuckin clarky
by Speakdatruth March 08, 2006
49 37
Some one who is sexy, but in a very subtle way.
Person One: Woah, that bloke over there is fit!
Person Two: No, he's more clarky than fit.
Person One: I agree.
by |Georgie| June 10, 2005
37 31
one that's always suave
People notice he's always relaxed
by Clarky December 16, 2003
12 33
1. v. it. - to slowly become whiter and gayer every day, whilst annoying everyone you talk to

2. v. t. - to annoy the shit out of someone, possibly making them stupider and whiter by talking to them
1. Dude I heard andreas has been clarkying since last year.

2. Dude stop clarkying me! I can feel my intelligence dropping, and look! I just got paler!
by fethi March 07, 2005
16 39
someone who is rediculously goofy. alternatively used by zookeepers as a nickname for the small birds that pick the poo kernals out of rhinosaurus's asses
i knew this guy who broke my may watch with a bb gun. what a clarky douchebag.
by stella_artois January 27, 2005
16 40