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A drink very very very high in sugar.
Wow! I'm hyper now, after all that Lucozade!
by |Georgie| June 11, 2005
Some one who is sexy, but in a very subtle way.
Person One: Woah, that bloke over there is fit!
Person Two: No, he's more clarky than fit.
Person One: I agree.
by |Georgie| June 10, 2005
1. A noise one makes when awakening from a long sleep.

2. A noise one makes upon seeing a squirrel.
Sleeping Beauty arose from her sleep, after kissing the prince, "Glargle..."

Lesley: Oo! Look, a squirrel!
Max: Glargle.
by |Georgie| June 11, 2005
Used in awkward convosation with someone whom you are not familer with.
You: How was ur day?
Me: Crappy, lol
You: Wat r u havin 4 dinner?
Me: Pizza lol
You: lol
by |Georgie| June 10, 2005
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