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(n) second-largest city in Massachusetts. Not much to see from the highway, but the city actually has some beautiful old neighborhoods, affordable housing, good schools, and a comparatively low crime rate. It is also a no-frills industrial wasteland, very Lovecraftian in parts. Famed for its diners, punk scene and attitude. Nobody here wants to hear any crap from YOU, understand? good. Dollah-fifty.
For what I would have paid for closet space inside 128, I bought a primo three-decker in Worcester, and I'm letting the other tenants pay my mortgage.
by KazamaSmokers April 07, 2005
(n) Town in central Massachusetts with the unique distinction of having the most bars per capita of any community in the United States.
"Hey, is Angie's in Clinton still in business? That's a great bar!"
by KazamaSmokers August 05, 2006
(abbrev.) American Hockey League, the farm system for the NHL.
$50 bucks to see the Broons? I can pay $15 to see the IceCats play the Lock Monsters in the AHL.
by KazamaSmokers April 07, 2005
Irish-American rock-punk-folk-reggae band out of NYC.
We saw Black 47 at Connolly's Pub last weekend.
by KazamaSmokers April 08, 2005
Canadian roots rock band known for their tight melodies.
I used to see Blue Rodeo all the time at Lee's Palace.
by KazamaSmokers April 07, 2005
(n) small city in the northwest corner of Massachusetts, known for its gothic decrepit nature, its state college, its proximity to the Berkshires and the MassMoCa Art Museum, and, surprisingly, home to a top Hollywood SFX company.
North Adams is a strange place.
by KazamaSmokers April 08, 2005
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