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Clapper. Noun, adverb, verb

A. old English insult, used to describe a prostitute who transmitted (often deliberately, and without warning) sexually transmitted diseases.

B. A person showing approval for a sports/art/music/theater event by placing his or her hands together at high speed, then repeating the movement. This form of communication was intended to convey and express approval and thanks to the performer.

C. The name of a professional liar, who gauges his or her success by how easily he or she can befuddle and misdirect an entire elected body of representatives, about the nature, scope, intent, use, and depth of unconstitutional spying on one's own citizens. Despite the fact that every other miscreant and liar who attempts similar dissembling, lying and deliberately false testimony, usually ends up sitting in jail, a "Clapper" usually gets promoted, is rehired, or is appointed to lead a Faux "supervisory and investigatory" committee to prevent the general public from ever learning about his high crimes, misdemeanors, and perjury.
A: "That effing clapper done did me in. It feels like it will bloody fall off when I pee."


C: "I always give the least inaccurate testimony possible, especially under oath before congress."
by Pastor Agnostic August 18, 2013
1. Dialect of the Cowley mandem

2.The art of doing something quickly such as 'clapping' a drink as its presence before being consumed, is tantamount to the time it takes for one to clap their hands

3.the art of showing approval for something such as the female race or chams
she's a clappers
you know that fat chams i cooked yesterday, that was a clappers boy
by smokykateatslivezebra December 09, 2013
When a women's vag is so loose it claps when she walks.
"Sick did you hear that clapper!!"
by Swampdonkey59 October 30, 2009
large breasts.big enough that when she is being taken from behind her breasts make a clapping sound when they slap together
check the clappers on that.

can she clap
by craggaman November 30, 2007
Sound activated on/off switch by Joseph Enterprises, the maker of Chia Pets
"CLAP ON! <clap-clap> CLAP OFF! <clap clap> CLAP ON, CLAP OFF. THE CLAPPER! <clap-clap>"
by Aaron Ferber November 09, 2006
Oh, the clapper. It is an act in which a dude stands naked and humps the air with such force that his junk smacks off of his his taint and then pelvis. CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP.
The man said: Yeah. So when i got out of the shower i realized it was the most opportune moment to do the clapper.
by westvirgina July 06, 2009
a shit that is so solid and that moved through the pipes so quickly that it's exit generated a clapping of your but cheeks as they slap back into place.
Man i'm on this cleanse and I just perpetrated a major clapper, I'd steer clear of the bathroom for a hot minute.
by tripod.mcgee January 13, 2011