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It has been said that Fairmont is the post-apocalyptic place where dreams go to die. It would be better to describe it as the land of dreams still-born. Everyone with ability or drive drives straight out of town. How else can you explain that the high school that looks like a prep school and a college neighborhood that looks like a bunch of crack houses? Fortunately, Fairmont cannot be seen from the highway as you race to Morgantown.
by lucky refugee April 07, 2012
A place where people go that WISH they went to WVU... There are a bunch of crack smoking, ugly girls there that are too easy to fuck. Their frat houses look like broken down crack houses.
I took a girls virginity that went there when she was in 11 grade. Then her 2nd year after we broke up she fucked 13 guys in a matter of one semister. AND SHE STILL BEGGED FOR MY COCK... talk about pathetic
by KnIzZLe April 30, 2005

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