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A loud, sometimes painful, fart that feels and sounds as though the anus and asscheeks are rapidly opening and closing with considerable force.
"Whoo, that was a serious clapper."
by Halitosis9000 October 31, 2007
20 25
a hoe;bopper
That bitch a clapper.
by diamondgirl337 November 06, 2003
12 25
A person claps 4 times at the beginning of a Friends episode.
So no one told you life was gonna be this way CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!
by B-Ricky August 26, 2005
11 27
a farting vagina
the young girl was clapping....
by Olive Jiuce November 17, 2003
23 40
My dad's Fairmont
It's a clapper
by tractorfix December 06, 2003
5 24
some one who likes scat
She loves scat and is a clapper
by Dean Verner April 10, 2003
10 30
The act of clapping your crotch
JP: you bro did u say her give those clappers? there so good but her hands are so dry
JL: ya bro she reminds of that girl who girls to my camp, forget her name though.
by jlhkjpnyk January 25, 2011
9 32