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Australian slang for "anus"
I'm gonna shove it right up your clacker.
by bread infection October 23, 2005
Ass / anus.
I seem to have slipped and stuffed a ferret up my clacker.
by louis October 17, 2001
just the best word for a womans fanny!!!
"what a short skirt, i can nearly see her clacker!!"
by russell williams May 02, 2006
Testicles (or rather "balls", typically in the sense of having "big balls", i.e. nerve or audacity)
"Can you believe the gigantic, cast-iron clackers on that guy?"
by pr1mal August 22, 2003
a canal in a female mammal that leads from the uterus to the external orifice opening into the vestibule between the labia minora
Person 1 - 'I've got a really itchy Clacker'
Person 2 - 'Hun, you slept with that man whore last week, you’ve probably got an SDT.'
by thorpey65 October 25, 2010
teeth or false teeth
He left his false clackers in a glass by his bed every night

she got her clackers seen to by the dentist
by notquitepatrick June 21, 2014
Poking a woman's gag reflex, triggering a blast of vomit.
"Did you hear about the bride on her hen-do? She drank 10 pints of Snakebite and two bowls of peanuts and twiglets, then took some poor bloke upstairs to give him a blowie. She was so drunk she overcooked it, hit the clacker & filled his boxers!"

"Shit, Jim, his momma ain't ever gonna get those stains out"
by Mrolls May 14, 2014
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