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1. adj. in the same sense as crazy/beautiful. something very risky. like tragically beautiful. basically a hard to define, outrageous mix. often with a bad attitude. "you're being such a missy mo!" note: only works for beautiful girls with bad attitudes.
"okay you're beautiful. but stop being a missy mo!"
by DulceysSecret March 10, 2007
1. noun. a young individual who dresses in the style of scene or emo, but does so with random accessories and, rather than the typical thrift shop clothes, shops religiously at Abercrombie & Fitch. 92.7% of them are posers. Typically just one who wears the crossbone shirts from Abercrombie or Hollister, packs on heavy makeup, and takes emo pictures for myspace. Extreme emocrombies dye their hair crazy colors, pierce their lips, and buy Abercrombie skinnies to go with a studded belt.
Wow that girl is confused. lip ring and a&f tee? ..emocrombie.
by DulceysSecret March 10, 2007
1. noun. a high fashion, sophisticated girl, always wearing the new Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent. Someone who knows the difference between the colors black and onix.
2. a stunning beauty working in NYC for somekind of fashion magazine. ALWAYS showing up to work in the hottest styles, possibly not even out for the public yet.
The Devil Wears Prada. "works with a minion of clackers"
by DulceysSecret March 10, 2007
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