What Dundonians call a round-a-bout.
Tam: Hey Willy, where's that new pub ye ken?

Willy: Jist doon there, tak a left at that wee circle and straight on like

Tam: Ta Willy
by Seumas February 10, 2008
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1. A button on your playstation controller.
Push the circle buttton
by ribwich September 01, 2004
A polygon with an infinite amount of sides. Also, a set of all points all equidistant from the center.
What are you studying in Geometry?
I am studying circles!
by david faustino May 09, 2012
a wonderful form of lesbian sex, or even masturbation. but mostly lesbian sex.
In the L Word, it is what Papi does to Alice to make her so so OH OH!! HAPPY!! She loves those circles.
by Lezzie February 11, 2007
A geometric shape characterized by all points being on the same geometric plane as well as being the same distance from the center. The distance from the center to any point on the perimeter is known as the radius. The perimeter is also known as the circumference. Two times the radius, or the distance from any point on the perimeter threw the center and onto another point on the perimeter is known as the diameter.
A gathering place characterized by its general shape being a geometric circle.
The ratio of a circles volume to a square inscribed in the circle is equal to 2 times Pi divided by 4.
Lets go meet at the circle.
by A being March 18, 2004
Verb, the act of adding someone to your circle in Google+
Add me on Facebook.
Follow me on Twitter.
Circle me on Google+.
by ryanhazno September 21, 2011
1) a shape in which all points are equidistant from the fixed, center point
2) one of the easiest shapes to make in applications such as Autodesk Inventor
3) a group of people with a shared profession, interests, or acquaintances
1) I used my compass to make this circle around your drawing
2) Hey, what are you making on CAD?
3) We always have discussions at work within our circle.
by Cream Filled Pirate January 22, 2009
lesbian sex involving one girl giving the other girl circles.
what Papi gave Alice on "the L Word" that made her so happy. Oh! Oh! OH!! BIGGER CIRCLES!! MORE CIRCLES!! YES YES YES!!
by Lezzie February 13, 2007

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