Its not like a triangle with the corners, it is never ending.
This rings are a symbol of eternity, its a circle--not like a triangle with the corners, its never ending. hooohh, you do me.
by spidynico December 08, 2008
lesbian sex involving one girl giving the other girl circles.
what Papi gave Alice on "the L Word" that made her so happy. Oh! Oh! OH!! BIGGER CIRCLES!! MORE CIRCLES!! YES YES YES!!
by Lezzie February 13, 2007
lesbian sex involving circles. one lesbian giving the other lesbian circles.

also, a great form of masturbation for a woman.
In the "L Word", it is what Papi did to Alice that made her so happy. Alice loved those circles.
by Lezzie February 13, 2007
People standing in a circular shape, with a Jaymii crumping in the middle.
Oh look, Jaymii's crumping in the middle of the circle! Oh wait, she's denying the true definition of a circle!
by Reowyousuck November 02, 2009
What Dundonians call a round-a-bout.
Tam: Hey Willy, where's that new pub ye ken?

Willy: Jist doon there, tak a left at that wee circle and straight on like

Tam: Ta Willy
by Seumas February 10, 2008
possibly the worst QCS writing task theme in the history of forever.
circle... CIRCLE?!


worst.. task.. ever.
by simowns. September 02, 2008
A female or hole of a female because they have 3 circles (ie holes) they are therefore themselves circles
Hey, look at that circle ;)
by Nate Schultzie February 19, 2011
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