circle refers to circle shape xanax bars usually 2MG IN SIZE. this has same effect as the bars.
MY GUY HAS only 20 bars but does have 100 circles.
by bigmcdowell April 27, 2007
A stick of gum

Opposite of a square since it makes your breath smell good
After that square I just smoked, I need a circle to clean my mouth
by Trickmaster_J September 01, 2005
another definition for hoes, or weckos....
dam that circle jus sucked my boys dick, and now she funna do me...
by alex rivers June 17, 2006
a group of people who sit in a circle in odd places ditching people. the person who wants to hang out calls them and they talk and then they say ill call you back later about it. they never call you back and you sit and wait. all the people you call or are going to call sit in the same circle placeing bets on who calls and when. the circle is gaurded by very random things or people. the circle is a very haunting thing and you do not want to get involved in it.
If we had more friends then we wouldnt have a circle.
by circle freakkk March 20, 2006
A "cool" word for extasy tablets, otherwise reffered to as eccies, X's, goog's, or lollies.
Reffering to a person with low brain capacity: "I wonder why she is so dense?" "I think she's had too many circles in her time"
by Decepticon_of_Anthems November 12, 2005
a fat person who resembles the
Look at her, she's a reyt circle
Look at him, he's a million a cirlce
by katacombes April 30, 2006
A dumb fucktard, stupid enough to post videos of himself fondling with ugly bats. A circle really loves his bat. He is sure he loves her...or him. The latest time a circle can be up is ten past twelve. A circle would generally visit his gong/bat in sandals ,looking like a chodu. A circle generally predicts his love life 10 years in advance, but lol breaks up after 10 days.
Don't be a fucking circle!
by Daddy loves you! August 12, 2016
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