n. A unit of measurement, used to refer to either time or distance.
The Script: Just a cigarette gone, no you couldn't be that far.
by Let'sGetThisStraight November 28, 2013
There are two different definitions for the word "cigarette".

Here they are:

Smoker: The fag of your life. You can trust it, you can thrust it, you can suck it, you can fuck it. It makes my day. You would go mow the lawn for mommy and daddy just to have money to buy another pack. You would risk getting put in jail by using a fake ID JUST to buy another pack. People tell you it's addicting, you tell them that you COULD quit, you just don't want to.

Look at it like this, if you didn't smoke, you would never randomly go outside to get some fresh air and what could be more unhealthy than being inside all day...

Non-smoker: "Smoking a FUCKING smelly-addicting-disgusting cigarette!"

Well, as for the non-smoker, FUCK YOU! If we are no closet smoker in front of you, we obviously don't "give a hoot about what you think"-Weezer, yaaa.

So, in short, cigarettes are pretty cool and I donts gives a fuck if I die.


"Nooo! Look! She's just smoking a delicious cigarette!"


by Nehmrack July 10, 2008
Tobacco rolled tightly in paper, more often than not with a filter in the back end. Yes, they're harmful and expensive, but who wants to be rolling in a few extra hundred dollars when they're 85, anyway? My favourites are Du Maurier Special Mild and Peter Jackson, although Camel Lights will do in a pinch.
Ah, fuck, I've only got my wish smoke left. Can't split it.
by El Gordo October 19, 2004
I know a guy who smoked a cigarette once, he died.
by Call me ZG August 22, 2013
Something you use to smoke with. In British, cigarettes are called "fags".
Mike (British): Yo dude I just smoked a fag.
Harold (Asian): Yeah I had a cigarette last night too.
Mike: Yeah I love fags.
Tyler (American, just walking in): WTF?
by TheShinyVaporeon May 23, 2012
A round shaped stick of pleasure to smoke when walking home after a stressful day of school, a couple a day aint harmful but if the habit picks up it could lead to health problems. Camel lights have an awesome taste and smell with a decent buzz, vice versa for Newports. The buzz especially awesome after gettin high.
Also known as a square.
Also something that makes me not give a shit that im 18 yet, ill get one when i want one and smoke one when i get one!
As im walkin home from skool
A friend of mine:Hey whats up?
Me:Another shitty day at skool just ended
Friend:Sounds like you need a cigarette
Me:Got one?
Friend:Dont i always
Me:Got a lighter?
Friend:I got matches
Me:Good enough, let it light!
Friend:Here ya go
Me:Youre the best! I feel the buzz already, what kind is this?
Me:Wow you are the best, thats just the kind i needed!
And we both walk home with people drivin by givin' us looks as were goin on puffin smoke, but we dont give a shit cuz nothings a problem anymore as long as we got the buzz
by some teen dude June 13, 2006
Cig-a-rette – noun

1. A consumable product used for enhancing appearance and social aptitude. Also causes worries to melt away.

2. A delicious treat demonized in Nazi Germany as a genetic poison to Aryans whilst blaming and marginalizing minorities for their use.

3. The perfect device for relaxation that can help to prevent Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease,
1. Cool smoker 1: That busted chick over there has potential to be a hottie.

Cool smoker 2: I can see that; you should give her a cigarette to fix her.

2. Non-smoker bitch: Hey smoker guy, smoking is bad for you and causes cancer.

Cool smoker guy: Hitler didn’t smoke, and he killed about six million Jews. You don’t hate Jews, do you?

Non-smoker bitch: Oh, well I don’t want to be an Anti-Semite… Mind if I bum one?

3. Pussy: You know; cigarettes kill you, right?

Cool smoker guy: The oldest recorded person smoked from the time she was 21 to the time she was 117?

Pussy: Huh, I didn't know that. I suppose my argument is debunk.

Cool smoker guy: Well then, GTFO pussy.
by CoolSmokerGuy March 06, 2010
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