A Mexican American that likes to act like a native mexican, by listening to the music(ranchera), and/or wearing boots, a cowboy hat, and a big beltbuckle. The word is derrived from the word chuntaro, which is usually a derrogatory term for an old fashioned mexican that immigrated to the U.S. (many times illegaly) and still dresses and acts the same as he would in mexico.(a chuntie is acting like a northern mexican)
johnny:ey, wat are you listening to?
Juanito: chente fernandez fool
Johnny: fuckn chuntie ass!
by rigo bonilla May 10, 2007
a ghetto mexican,or a mexican trying to hard to act like there in mexico when they actually have never been in mexico or were born here
"Que CHido" said the chuntie.
by lora is a whore-ah January 30, 2005
An indigenous person from the hill of oaxaca mexico. Usually uneducated people calling someone a chuntie is like calling them an idiot or uneducated
Maybe if you were'nt such a chuntie you could solve a crossword puzzle

by Biccus Diccus November 27, 2007
Racial slang for "wetback" or "beaner.
Often used towards lower class Hispanic Mexican who illegially cross the border.

A Hispanic Mexican who takes the "unwanted" jobs for little pay.
I'll pay this chuntie $50 to clear out my garage.
by korrupted January 08, 2004

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