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Chente is the nickname of Mexican mariachi singer and the reigning King of Ranchera Vicente Fernandez. Given to him by fans.
Diego: Let's go see Chente play at the Hollywood Bowl next month.
by kendellai May 25, 2007
A comical derogatory term referred to person of Spanish descendant and now often referred to other immigrants who are fresh off the boat and haven't assimilated or refuse to adapt to customs and learn the target language of their new environment.
Yuz a chente, yo. (joking to a baby chente, whose parents came as immigrants)

Find a chente in a Hispanic bar in Langley Park, Maryland trying to buy a dance off a high priced prostitute.

Listen to that chente blarin’ that Ranchera…
by Latiga January 12, 2010
Adjective. Something of limited functional or aesthetic value, accentuated by cultural eccentrics (often Hispanic). This term also implies generally bad taste and\or questionableness.
Having a big ass Nike swoosh on the side of a CRX is totally chente.
by narky4263 October 14, 2011
A person who shops at the flea market, drives shopping carts, and cannot pronounce the letter v.
"I'm going to Birginia this weekend." said the chente.
by eh ah December 07, 2004
a central american who cant speak english and often drinks and buys stolen property and fucks little girls when no1 is looking they jerk off
go to herndon virginia and u will see a chente riding a bike
by ricardo August 30, 2003
1.) Usually hispanic(But does not have to be) person who thinks he is cool and dresses like a poor rapper.
2.) Usually hispanic(does not have to be) person who has no idea what is going on around him.
1.) Man look at those chente's, they think they're so cool.
2.) That chente is taking forever to cross the street and he almost got hit three times.
by Dizzle February 24, 2004
a person who makes promises then bails on teh bong hit cuz he's sleepy or has to walk the dog.
Man, don't be a Chente, hit that shit.
by Jugador March 30, 2004
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