A large obese chinese person. Usually offensive. Comes from the word Chink.
Yo, check out John Kim over there..he ain't a chink..he a chunk!
by Andrewsky March 04, 2003
chunky slut... or a a crazzy bitch ... both are right
1:her about his ex

2:yeah shes a chunk ...
1:whats a chunk
2:crazy fat slutty bitch
by natedagreatwilson January 14, 2012
The nickname of a larger person, usually too soft to do anything, even after any insult.
Ryan "Chunk" Frazier
by HAHAHAHAHA99 August 03, 2011
A sharp noise that comes out of your mouth when pronouncing a word that contains the c, k, or g sound.
Omg you just chunked so bad!
by blolup October 29, 2010
To eat to the point of being so full you feel sick. Instead of being drunk, you are chunk.
I can't believe how chunk she got last night!
by Briana and Sara June 06, 2010
1. to throw up! alot.

2. for something to suck! alot.
1. dude, you chunked all over my new shoes, drunk bastard.

2. agggghh! this blows chunks!
by phoenix steel March 10, 2008
A homeless person or otherwise unclean, often smelly person, who hangs around in cities asking for money in a cup. Often found at train stations, outside homeless shelters.
There are a lot of chunks hanging around the train station.
by Anna K. Nekola November 20, 2007
What you call a fat chinese person. (Im not racist, I just couldnt resist)
hey! look at that pie! its chunky! like a fat chinese person!
by Zork June 01, 2007

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