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(v.) The improper act of having, or trying to have intercourse with a large woman, typically on a weekend night. Derives from the word chunker. A large woman can be referred to as a chunker.
"Yo bro, lets finish this beer and go out to this party. If I get really drunk tonight I might go chunking"
by Poppa D. May 01, 2006
To be chunked; a chunker; chunkmeister

Chunking is the act of shitting for your friend/patient/random tramp by fisting said person in the rectum and pulling the shit out of them. The act may be considered one of generousity but it is sometimes necessay to go that extra mile for a friend.
Jim: "Hey Tom want to go Chunking later?"

Tom: "Sure, right after Hannah Montana, I have a mean ass chunker stuck in there."

Fred: "Yay!!!"
by HideandRun October 26, 2011
Fat people in motion.

When someone is too slow to run and not graceful enough to jog, he would be chunking.
Did you see Big John chunking down the hall to that meeting that he was late to?

Betty was chunking up the stairs because the elevator was out of order.
by AaronTopSpeed March 23, 2010
Verb: to be actively fat. Not limited to a lifestyle of eating fatty foods or not exercising, but instead the entire state of being a fat person.
I am chunking so hard lately - I ate 2 double cheeseburgers for lunch this weekend and that was totally normal for me.
by snoopyab January 03, 2012
Term used when one has mastered a game..especially used in a game of chess.
Su Young has just became the new,Grand master of chess ! Chun Kinging , last years gand master ,Paulucci in a NAIL BITING GAME OF CHESS!
by Milady Doyle November 08, 2009
Going down on a girl who's minge is yeast infected.

In many cases, the girl will leave her knickers on for days/weeks in order to cultivate the infection.
I pulled her pants down and it was like someone had left meat out in the sun.

She wasn't left disappointed as some bloke was well into chunking, and he went down on her as though she had gold buried inside her
by Shingami July 10, 2008
to throw up, or to "spew"
"dude, i drank so much at that party, that when i left, i was chunking all night"
by eye am me November 07, 2007
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