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a person who has a great potential and
can own most other people
Is he a zhang?

Person 1: Wow, that person owned in the game!
Person 2: He's a zhang!
by prozhang January 12, 2009
Chinese last name of intelligent, great people. Will always be on top. The quintessence of perfection.
Boy: How is he so good at everything? School, sports, and socializing?
Girl: It's obvious that he's a Zhang.
by epitomeofepiphanyy March 12, 2011
The act of doing something without little or no effort.
John: Hey Seb, this assignment is so hard. You just wanna zhang it?
Seb: Yeah that sounds like a plan!
by JohnnJLee November 06, 2011
To use in a slang or sort of it
Man: Hey, let's play this game and "pwn"these noobs. Get ready!

Man 2: YEAH! Lets Zhang it up!
by AsianConfound March 23, 2011
v. To have non-consensual sex with.
Don't zhang animals.
by light_flaky_buttery October 24, 2008
To eat, ingest, consume
Lee loves to zhang his feces
by Pres. B.H. Obama December 13, 2009
A n00b who thinks he is good at everything, and when beaten will start to act like a n00b, quotes often include : 'i am french' or 'halaballa'. When displeased by the people around him a Zhang will become raged and hold up his fist in a threatening position, using his sheer size and weight (fat) to intimidate, he is also often known to say shurrup in a fob accent. Zhang will cry if he gets beaten. There has been a famous burger known as the zhanger burger made by DeBiasi fast food stall, containing of bread dipped in oil with chicken fried in oil. Zhang is a term commonly used to describe a n00b who sucks at all aspects of life, especially dota. Can also be used to call people fat
'What a Zhang' 'Pretty fat zhang' 'Awwww DeBiasi Zhangerburger!' 'Omg Zhang! You n00b'
by Anti Zhang February 01, 2007