A large obese chinese person. Usually offensive. Comes from the word Chink.
Yo, check out John Kim over there..he ain't a chink..he a chunk!
by Andrewsky March 04, 2003
A Fat, yet friendly dog.
Does Chunk want a bone?
by GuyIncognito76 September 10, 2008
a synonym to sic or sicnasty. also a synonym for the shit.
those shoes are totally chunk.
those shoes are the chunk
by enerific July 10, 2008
as a noun - A person or thing that is super cute. (in that adorable I wanna pinch your cheeks way)
as an adjective - having the qualities of cute/cuddly/adorable/etc.
Aww, lookit her, she's so chunk.

Baby, you're so chunk.
by Mark U May 28, 2008
chunk is to throw it down with someone or to fight with someone
ima chunk it out with her and scrape her ass
by samantha April 07, 2005
It's police slang for a handgun.

I knew a cop who worked undercover and was confronted by uniformed officers who didn't know him. Weapons were drawn.
These cops pulled their chunks and then had me on the ground.
by Dan Zakreski November 29, 2004
A large piece of Jewlery, usually a heavy or thick gold chain. A large Pendant hanging from a gold chain.
Damn! did you see dat Chunk around that niggas neck?
by BrooklynStreetHistory September 04, 2003
The female version to describe males. The opposite to the word males use; 'gash'.
''I've got bare chunk''
by sophocles410 January 15, 2013

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