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Throwing a peace sign sideways in the air, originally coined in H-town
Man, when I left that bangin' club, I had to chunk a deuce to my homies.
Throw up 2 fingers to mean peace out, later, adios.
Throw up 2 fingers to show a sign of respect and/or greeting.
"I won't diss my OG so imma chunk a deuce for Paul" - Chamillionaire - "Roll Call" - Mixtape Messiah
"Lean back or throw ya leather, chunk a deuce, and show your grill" - T.I. - "Front Back"
by OG Alief June 10, 2006
to chunk a deuce comes from houston texas it means while ur swangin wen someone rolls up beside u put up the deuce and holla "wut it do baby"
i was ridin down the street swangin and my homeboi rolled up beside me so i had to chunk a deuce
by terriffic June 09, 2006
Throw up 2 fingers in a sideways peace sign. A sign of acknowledgment of someone else. In Tallahassee, FL, this is widely recognized as the identifying hand gesture of Victoria Sartori
I was at a party, and i saw Victoria from across the room. I saw her chunk a deuce at me, in acknowledgement of my awesomeness.
by J. Gangsta September 10, 2008
this happens when you take a good shit afer eating
(also see deuce)
Damn guys, i need a magazine or something, i gotta chunk up a deuce.

jeeez Adam turn on the fan, did you chunk a deuce.
by Mrskeez August 29, 2006
A term used by people from Texas meaning to sip on promethazine mixed with sprite or any other soft drink
Mayn when I chunk a deuce of that promethazine it has a nigga leanin
by lil Tex November 08, 2006