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6 definitions by dmplesUT

Abbreviation for "down to fuck"
Your DTF everyday!
I didnt wanna date the ho, I was just DTF.
by dmplesUT December 12, 2002
7576 2492
n. a person who likes to do kinky shit in bed or have sex a lot
v. to have intercourse or makeout
n. That guy is a huge freak.
v. She likes to freak on a regular basis.
by dmplesUT December 11, 2002
2991 1066
1. to literally throw up the peace sign as in saying "later"
2. term used to say 'i'm outtie"
also throw the deuce
1. He chunked up the deuce to his boys as he left the house.
2. I had to chunk the deuce early to that gay ass party last night.
by dmplesUT December 12, 2002
658 234
v. to use software to turn songs on a cd into mp3s ready for download
v. to get taken or cheated
Mike ripped the whole Ludacris cd and put it on Kazaa before it came out in stores.

That bitch sold me fake Guccis! I got so ripped off!
by dmplesUT December 12, 2002
368 225
n. abbreviation for Acura (type of car made by Honda)
That chick drives a pimp ass Acura Legend...dizaaaaam!
by dmplesUT December 11, 2002
59 61
term used to describe a guy who is acting gay, usually used as an insult towards a heterosexual male
Stop being such a cake and get your shit done.
by dmplesUT December 12, 2002
8 16