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almost the same as 50 deep, rollin wit a large group of people but the only way 50 deep and 50 strong is different is because 50 deep means just rollin wit a big group of people and 50 strong actually refers to 50 people all in da same group
see we could turn dis place into a funeral home, my nigga im 50 strong,my nigga u alone plzz dont make us do u wrong-young buck-damn freestyle
by terriffic June 09, 2006
to chunk a deuce comes from houston texas it means while ur swangin wen someone rolls up beside u put up the deuce and holla "wut it do baby"
i was ridin down the street swangin and my homeboi rolled up beside me so i had to chunk a deuce
by terriffic June 09, 2006
gettin spryed up wit bullets,hollows,ballistics etc....
man did u just see dat dude get gun buttered wit calicoes
by terriffic June 11, 2006
houstons slang for stackin bread
im out here grindin shortstoppin
by terriffic June 09, 2006

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