When a male reproductive organ is inserted into a female oesophagus to a sufficient depth to induce a gag reflex which is swiftly followed by CHUNDERING EVERYWAAAA!!!!
I Just shafted this bitch so hard in the face that she Chunged into the alley till it flooded.
by HouseN June 20, 2010
Top Definition
basically means being stoned, with puffed up eyes
have u been blazin cos u look chunged
by Merahkuching February 17, 2005
To Chung someone or to be chunged:an act in which you raise the hopes of a person only to demean them in a matter of seconds by simply repeating the last thing said in a questioning and excited tone.
John:Hey man,do you have any gum?
Andy:Gum??:D(in an excited tone)
John:Yea!!!:D(also now excited due to your excited reaction)
Andy:no.....(in a plain tone)
John:Awwwh(now feeling demeaned)
Andy:i CHUNGED ur ass!!:D
by IronChamp April 29, 2009
chunged is to be stoned on drugs i.e weed or pot.

also try these words:
oi i gt chunged last night...it waz off da hook, i cant even memba wat i did!
by heidi99 November 24, 2005
1. to be had, owned, pwned, destroyed, annhilated, or humiliated beyond repair via a witty, verbal remark
2. definition of the Latin verb chungo, chungere, chunxi, chungtus/a/um, meaning to chung or be chunged
"Man, it is freezing cold out here."
"Just like your mother. You just got chunged."
by youwantgo March 16, 2010
When your face turns red after drinking alcohol.
Damn look at Andy. He's chunged!
by kevin September 06, 2003
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