Slang term usually used by male midland gang members often of Viatmese ancestry, referring to attractive women.
"Ad, d'ya fancy ripping up dem clubs tomorow?"

"Yeah blood, me needs to hook up wiv some bare lem chung since me split wiv ma galdem."

"Safe player, holla at ya boi round 10ish."
by T. Offler September 28, 2009
a word that was derived from the word retard in a mixed up slur of words probably from drinking to much. the word came from chungtard to just chung. the meaning of the word is the word that it derived from. the word is popular amongst teens and popularized by texting and using it around people you did not mean to
kie is a chung!!
by my name is a secret sh July 27, 2010
To ejaculate on a person or object.
Another meaning for the word "Jiz" or "Cum"
Can be used for anything, and can even be used in a offensive way.
"Oi you don't make me Chung all over your face"


"Eh mate your gonna get some Chung in your eye soonish, brace yourself"
by Ashley Murray June 11, 2007
it means buff innit
ye i saw dis boy wiv a cream hoodie an he was propa chung ya no
by breadbin October 30, 2003
The term "Chung" refers to the act of biting or gnawing on another person's foot.
I was so out of it the other night that I grabbed Sam by the leg and chunged on his foot. Didn't taste the best I must add!
by Webbedfeethead September 06, 2007
(chung) a very hot & s3xy man who loves all girls who love him meaning no men all girls and he is so pro at counter-strike and richard chen h8 ter
very azn
loves serina
by Chung April 04, 2005
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