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5 definitions by Superxam

American Born Confused Desi

A derogatory term used for Indians who have grown up in the United States and who act "American" (as stupid as that sounds).
I think Raj is such an ABCD.
by Superxam August 08, 2003
399 130
Noun. An Indian dress. A long piece of cloth that a woman wraps around her body in mysterious ways. This involves complex knots that plunge into the most abstract depths of Knot Theory. When worn right, looks extremely alluring to males.

The cloth is wrapped around the body and finally the loose end (pallu) is thrown across the body and over the shoulder.

There are different styles of wearing a sari. The pallu can be worn on either shoulder. The way a woman wears a sari usually says which part of India she comes from.
Girl #1: Ohhhmagod! Check this Sari out! I like got this from India and it was like Ohmagod SOOOO CHEAP!!
Girl #2: Ohhhmagod! That is like SOOO AWESOME!

This Kanchipuram silk sari sports exquisite work and gold trimmings and other such things which make it look really cool.
by Superxam August 11, 2003
309 126
A word for a nerdy girl. Used as a compliment.
Man, that hax0r chix0r totally rox0rs!!
by Superxam August 08, 2003
38 14
Malayalam word for "butt" or "ass". Can be used in conjunction with uppy. Be warned that sentences constructed as such will not make sense, but will sound hilarious. For example, "You are an uppy chundi" or "Shut up, chundi uppy!".
Dude, her chundi is SOO HUGE.

You are a smelly chundi.
by Superxam August 11, 2003
14 5
Another word for "shit". Used in southern India. However, cannot usally be used in the same sence as "Oh shit!" or "Why the hell isn't this shit working?" Can be used more as an insult or just to make sentences sound funny.
You're such an uppy.
by Superxam August 08, 2003
22 32