Also known as CHEEEUUUUNNDERRR. Refers to vomit, mostly self induced. Can be used to diguise a bulimic.
'I drank so much I that I chundered all over Joseph.'
by emilyclaire June 10, 2008
not just to vomit
but to have exceptionally CHUNKY barf
The smell of shit and piss
was so extreme it made me want to chunder.
by piss tit November 28, 2007
eating, chewing, licking, or sucking vigorously and loudly.
my neighbor stopped by this morning to inform me that he could hear me chundering his sister's pussy through the wall last night.

charlie chunders his clam chowder like a heathen.
by Frankie Hands December 14, 2009
slang for female gentilia
griffs mum has a bare sweaty chunder
by shellboy December 13, 2009
To puke or 'blow chunks' so hard into the toilet that it sounds like thunder.

Chunks + Thunder = Chunder
I chundered so hard last night my roommate asked if there was a thunderstorm going on.
by Anonymous54976092847 April 06, 2008
To consume (or to perform a function) quickly, usually a cigarette. However the term can be applied loosely upon any object or act.
"Chunder those dub"

"Yeah, thunder thighs chundered out her tits the other day mate."
by urbandickking219 May 06, 2008
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