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Man-stink! When a man smells bad.
Someone should tell that man that his chunder is making my eyes water.
by Julzi April 14, 2014
choppy, tracked out inconsistent snow
I just pointed it and charged through the chunder.
by hans mon October 15, 2009
The shaking motion that occurs right up to the point before the vomitis flows from the mouth.
"God damn the new foreign busser's breath makes me wanna chunder." puke
by obcpunk July 10, 2010
to vomit. plain and simple.

i first came upon the word used in books by e. lockheart.
Your face makes me chunder.

He had one shot and then chundered. Pussy.
by EmKat December 23, 2007
This was the first ever Australian or antipadean word and started in the ports of UK so its around 250 years old.
When passengers went aboard the ships, they where told by the captain to shout "watch under" before they puked. it would have very quicky become chunder, try shouting "watch under" just before you puke. because it started on the ships, it did not get to the british shore, until rececntly, however It has now come full circle to the uk shore with all the Aussies coming back here and of course from Aussie soaps, plus that song from the Aussie band "crowded house"
by Bushwakker February 01, 2010
eating, chewing, licking, or sucking vigorously and loudly.
my neighbor stopped by this morning to inform me that he could hear me chundering his sister's pussy through the wall last night.

charlie chunders his clam chowder like a heathen.
by Frankie Hands December 14, 2009
Also known as CHEEEUUUUNNDERRR. Refers to vomit, mostly self induced. Can be used to diguise a bulimic.
'I drank so much I that I chundered all over Joseph.'
by emilyclaire June 10, 2008