The played out..riddin all day part of the mountain when your sking or snowboarding.Generally consisting of small to huge chunks of ice,sluff,or just beat up snow.
Shit..I would've stomped that if it wasn't for all the chunder in the landing
by Jacob June 07, 2004
To screw up. Commonly used by disc golfers, especially in Northern California.
When I take the test, I sure hope I don't chunder.


I really wanted to hit that putt, but I chundered.
by Eric J K April 07, 2006
To project vomit mainly in an upwards direction
Hey steve did you see that guy Chunder everywhere last night?
by Guillotine September 17, 2003
Chunder is a variation on fermunda cheese. Pretty much anything that is seriously nasty.
"Chunder from down under."

"Dude, did you see Justin eat that huge Chunder Burger?"
by Flavius731 June 02, 2006
also known as the gooch or the grundel
wanna lick my chunder?
by jackery February 23, 2005
Aslo used in reference to a fat person.
Look at that chunder guts.

My god, he's a fucking right chunder.
by stuntedmonk April 11, 2007
When you throw up a little in your mouth and then swallow it.
I ate so much I chundered!
by bricka April 11, 2006

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