The act of attempting or cajoling commuters into parting with cash by shaking coin filled tins at them or beguiling them into thinking you are giving away great stuff.
I could see the chugger on the corner chugging away at passers-by so I crossed the road and gave him the split.
by madbungo July 10, 2009
Top Definition
loading up on alcoholic substance, power drinking
that was crazy how fast he drank that 40! that's some power chugging!
by DocEmu October 12, 2005
The act of being overwhelmed with work/school work due to previous turn ups which rendered your productivity as an individual.
If you have a history essay due on Monday morning and decided to go out on Saturday night because you thought you could finish it on Sunday, but you're unable to because you were either extremely wasted the night before or you're just tired.

In this case you would say " I'm too chugged because it was so turnt last night." Or if you were asking a friend that was with you, you could say, " Are you not as chugged as I am?" or "Are you chugging?"
by jussraee February 15, 2015
another word for wanking, masturbating, etc
the boy's girlfriend was chugging him under the covers
by steve-o December 05, 2003
In the UK - drinking game for naked guys, usually rugby-football players. Needs three guys. One guy bends over with his ass in the air. Another pours a can of beer from high up so the beer trickles down the first guy's ass crack and over his balls. Meanwhile a third guy holds his head between the first guy's thighs and the beer goes in his mouth and he drinks it.
I can't believe they were chugging after the match.
by manatee1 May 15, 2011
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