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the more acceptible way to say bitch infront of parentals and teachers.

Originated from text messaging screwups.
she is such a "chubie", she screws everyone.
by §amanda January 29, 2006
an attractive person that has a big weight and have a good personality
That a good looking chubie.
Your not fat your a chubie.
by therandomking May 12, 2012
A very hairy penis. So hairy, in fact, that it has hair all the way to the end.
Kyle, shave your chubie! The hair is hanging out your shorts.
by kylehater March 25, 2009
1. (n.)a female (usually derogatory)
2. (n.)alternative to the word 'bitch'
nb: can also be shortened to 'chube'.
1. "That is one hot chubie."
2. "This club is full of chubies."
3. "She's not my girlfriend, she's my chubie."
by Sushi Brothers September 21, 2008
an object that is incredibly funny
the only way to describe it, is through the word, 'chubie'
You are the biggest chubie ever.
Dude that chubie was too funny.
by Chris Hussey April 15, 2008
A penis completely covered and hair.
Derived from: Chubacca
God damnit Shane, will you trim your chubie already? Just because Jason likes the hairs that long doesn't mean you have the right to let them hang out of your shorts.
by ShaneIsABastard April 08, 2009
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