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T9 code word for "bitch"
You can use T9 code words for cuss words without cussing..."Why you gotta be such a chubi?" Translation: "Why you gotta be such a bitch?"
by Jazalle, Mike Blue April 01, 2006
T9 suggestion for "bitch," though it, itself, is not a word in the English language.

Chubi (chew-bee) has evolved not only as a more delicate synonym for "bitch," but to describe anything that is smaller, squatter, or slightly more annoying than the average.

Multiple variations exist and are encouraged.
A gummi bear is a perfect chubi.

Who was the chub who suggested shots after the box of Franzia?
by The Original Chubster May 17, 2010
Pronounced "Chew-bee" Another word for "Bitch". Most commonly found when trying to text message the word "bitch" to a friend or ex-girlfriend.

Origionally used by friends in "The Animal House" Pasco, WA.

"Jennie and Heather are Chubis" "Dont be a Chubi" "Hey, your crazy Chubi..." "My girlfriend is a cheating Chubi" "Chubi Chubi Chubi... that's all I ever hear"
by Sean Peterson August 08, 2006
A little used slang term for "bitch". The word bitch doesn't come up in many phones using T9 texting, but the replacement word Chubi does in certain phones. It is now a valid replacement for the word "bitch".
We were gonna go see a movie, but that chubi bailed on me to see another dude.
by seymorecack May 07, 2009
another way of saying 'bitch'. usually is what t9 will spell if you try and type in bitch.
"god damn, don't be such a chubi."
by Taylor Kayfes June 13, 2008
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