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T9 code word for "bitch"
You can use T9 code words for cuss words without cussing..."Why you gotta be such a chubi?" Translation: "Why you gotta be such a bitch?"
by Jazalle, Mike Blue April 01, 2006
219 97
T9 suggestion for "bitch," though it, itself, is not a word in the English language.

Chubi (chew-bee) has evolved not only as a more delicate synonym for "bitch," but to describe anything that is smaller, squatter, or slightly more annoying than the average.

Multiple variations exist and are encouraged.
A gummi bear is a perfect chubi.

Who was the chub who suggested shots after the box of Franzia?
by The Original Chubster May 17, 2010
108 13
Pronounced "Chew-bee" Another word for "Bitch". Most commonly found when trying to text message the word "bitch" to a friend or ex-girlfriend.

Origionally used by friends in "The Animal House" Pasco, WA.

"Jennie and Heather are Chubis" "Dont be a Chubi" "Hey, your crazy Chubi..." "My girlfriend is a cheating Chubi" "Chubi Chubi Chubi... that's all I ever hear"
by Sean Peterson August 08, 2006
95 94
U call anyone named Fat Kyle this when he is annoyin u
Hey Fat Kyle, Wdup Chubi?!
by u kno who it issssssssss December 22, 2008
3 5
to be a bitch, and/ or bitchy. to have a quality of bitchyness upon you. to have the aroma of a bitch.
kelsey smith

"kelsey was such a bitch. yeah kelsey is totally a chubi"
by wizards sleeve hax0r 12345 May 21, 2008
10 13
A little used slang term for "bitch". The word bitch doesn't come up in many phones using T9 texting, but the replacement word Chubi does in certain phones. It is now a valid replacement for the word "bitch".
We were gonna go see a movie, but that chubi bailed on me to see another dude.
by seymorecack May 07, 2009
10 14
T9 version of "Bitch"
Hi Chubi!

I love you Chubi!
by chubi4ever28 March 05, 2009
4 8