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chris brown :a former musician now in jail but after a few years a drug addict and a bouncer
adj: a man who beats up west Indian women esp singers ages 19 to 20
man in a telephone from Jamaica: hello 911 im calling coz a 60 yr old man is chis browning a cute woman
911: oh! thats just chris brown ill allow it its his past time!!!!!

hey i saw chris brown at that bar he is such a sadomasochistic man hes BDSMing girls wihile hawing his cock sucked
by ramesses April 06, 2009
80 83
Punching your girlfriend excessively and leaving bruises and bite marks on her in plain view.
Guy 1: Dude My girlfriend found those text messages in my phone last night. She started throwing a fit.

Guy 2: You need to Chris Brown her ass man. Then maybe she'll learn.
by Beeeeeerit March 07, 2009
78 81
The act of threatening and beating a women black and blue. The beating takes place inside or near a vehicle.
Man, If I ever see that chick again, I am gonna Chris Brown her ass.
by DalHam March 06, 2009
85 88
1. Male African American R&B artiste
2. To inflict damage on a female
Example 2: When Josh heard that Kathy was cheating on him he Chris Brown that bitch
by defenition_of_definition March 01, 2009
88 91
A verb describing any aggressive act toward a girlfriend or wife, preferrably named Rihanna.
My girlfriend was getting out of line so i decided to chris brown her ass.

I was arrested for chris browning my girlfriend.
by Nick Hooker, James Conroy February 17, 2009
92 95
To cause unreasonably severe physical and sometimes mental damage to a woman.
1. The stupid bitch wouldn't shut up, so i went Chris Brown all over her bitch ass.

2. He didn't just murder her, he Chris Browned her.
by helloitsthemartian November 22, 2009
82 86
A person of any race who has a minor case of down syndrome/retardedness like the actual Chris Brown.
That dude is totally a Chris Brown
by x407chillinx September 06, 2009
85 89