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also 'choppin'

To flirt. Often used with incorrect grammar.
Frank: Oooooh, Jimmy be choppin'!

Jimmy: Frank, for the last time, she's my sister. I am not chopping.
by Mr. Lemon October 19, 2009
The act of selling drugs on the street.
"Yo man, I'm chopping again call me"

"What you got?"

"The boom shit"
by TheRussian July 27, 2006
Also many times known as choppin. This is a term for hitting on a girl. Most times one asks their friend if they are chopping by yelling ( Friends name) you be choppin? Another method used to prevent the one being chopped on from hearing the question is to make karate chop motions up and down many times quickly in the air with both hands.
Looks like John over there is chopping on that hot red head in the white dress.


Hey Mike you be chopping on that girl cause if not I am moving in.
by Dan nad and adn nad nda October 31, 2010
kids now days on west coast like to refer to "chopping" as a girl giving head/sucking dick.
"I saw Mariah Chopping Nick last night cuh!
"do you chop?'
The act of having vigorous sex.
Lane was chopping away at the pooh nanner.
by pj November 27, 2004
Preparing marijuana to smoke it, by crumbling or chopping it up.
The po-po walked up while he was chopping. He decided he'd better book it.
by callinghome February 03, 2005
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