Informal/Non-formal usage of the word bananas, used as an adjective to indicate something is ridiculous, or outright hilarious; to express disbelief, being in genuine shock, or disagreement.
Girl: "Hey, did you see that internet video where the guy did that crazy stunt with his bike 500 feet in the air while juggling small animals?"

Girl's friend: "Omg, yes! That was freakin' nanners!"


Boy: "I was going to ask that girl out that you think has a crush on me... but her friend told me that the girl can't even stand me."

Boy's friend: "What?! No way man, that's nanners. Maybe both girls dig you then and her friend just wants you to herself."


Girl: "I ran into your ex-girlfriend today, she actually thinks she's going to have you back before the week is over."

Girl's boyfriend: "That chick is nanners to think she could ever again have a chance with me, especially now that I've got someone as awesome as you by my side, babe."
by Ms. Almost Perfect March 29, 2010
A term of endearment for a caring and very beautiful grandmother, similar to "Nana" or "Nanny".
My Nanners is the best grandmother in the world. She bought me a toy kitchen that I play with every day.
by WordWorker74 July 27, 2016
To nanner is to talk non stop or too much.
Person A: ...and then she said..
Person B: Please. You just keeping nannering on and on.
by JetPaul January 27, 2013
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