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To be beaten by another person. To catch their beatdown.
Catch my fade, bitch.
by Jones May 29, 2004
An extremely ugly woman; a woman that you would only have sex with if a bag were placed over her ugly ass face.
Your girlfriend is a bagger!
by jones February 05, 2003
A rock band during the 70's, famous for their song, "Slow Ride.
"Slow ride...take it easy..."
by jones February 05, 2003
The act of bending down to peek between one's thighs and catch a glimpse of a bowel-baby before sending it off into the world.
"Cant flush this baby 'til I show the mother!"
by jones February 09, 2005
A wizard in the acclaimed series the 'belgaraid', his role is much akin to Gandalf in Lord of the rings.

A guy on the Frozen Oven board who uses this word, obviously beleiving he's being witty.
'Belgarath, the Grolims attack from the eastern river!'

'Stop being such a belgarath'
'Shutup, fool'
by Jones September 28, 2004
Persons that engage only in rhetoric and spin to support an undefendable position.
The subliberals still believe Clinton didn't lie and that it was just about "sex" and not a character issue...
by Jones November 16, 2003
when a female takes her vagina lips, pinches them and moves them while saying "chirp, chirp", then the male takes his foreskin does the same act and feeds the vagina chirping bird great abundances of man slop.
Since Betty's pussy was hungry, Rob decided that the chirping bird was a good way to satisfy Betty's hunger.
by Jones March 31, 2003
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