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someone who is part chode, part noob.
(can sometimes describe fat whales)
"You frickn' choob! Stop getting fatter!"
by bad.ass.db July 25, 2008
A choob is an experienced player on an mmorpg who is acting like a noob.
Low level: Can i buy your sword
High level: Get lost nooby noob newb
Low level: God your such a choob
by Gregyo April 02, 2006
that space between the neck and the boobs on a girl, that is sort of squishy, and is pretty much part of le boob.
"I was feeling her choobs, making my way to the tittays when her mom walked in."
by DI-Unit July 20, 2006
A person in an RPG game that is a fairly high player and asks other players for items, weapons,etc....
The Man39 was being a choob last night since he was asking me for my Dragon Axe.
by Uzi578 September 02, 2003
a choob is a person, usally in an online rpg, who has been playing the game for a long time and is high level but still acts as if they don't know how to play the game and continusly scams, lies, spams, and trys and use terms to make themselves seem big and smart and crap.
that choob keeps calling other people noobs.
by John February 28, 2005
A noob or n00b who is chewy, because of the good armor or prayer level he has.
I can't chew through this noob because he\she is a choob.
by Kristjan L December 28, 2007
Someone who is choosing to be a noob.
(no choob example required)
by 70M June 14, 2007