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After a long night of unsuccessfully trying to pick up a bunch of conceited girls at a particularly pretentious bar, go to the bathroon, jerk off into your hand, wipe it on the shirt/face of one of the girls and say "That could have been inside you, but that was a choice YOU made."
Guy 1 - "Any luck at that bar last night?"

Guy 2 - "Nah, bunch of stuck-up bitches. I got the shits and gave some girl the choice."
by matamus October 22, 2009
Choice, or in other words;
Bitchin', hot, awesome, nice, good, excellent, fabulous, sweet, tight, wicked, great, etcetera used to describe something of the above nature.
It is very "choice" to be a Reback, especially one like me.
by Megan* July 23, 2005
that with which everything begins; an illusion, created between those with power, and those without.
badass:"Everything begins with choice."
french dude: "Wrong; choice is an illusion..."
by Mr. Anderson 138 November 28, 2004
A fit girl or an attractive person that girl is choice jus means someones fit init
beyonce walks past
gary: that girl is choice
by donaldo April 26, 2007
adj. That which is current, trendy, or desirable.

See cool, hip, awesome, sweet, mondo, rad, radical, tubular, righteous, killer, kick-ass, dope, gangster, ballin', tight, fresh, ill, fly, and poppin'.
Girl, that outfit is so choice.
by Joey Orgler 3 July 30, 2008
Frozen chuice
To preserve chuice, freeze it into choice!
by Simon Ubbens October 24, 2003
some thing that is good or amazing
lees medalion is well CHOICE
by lee dix July 28, 2003