Awesome, great.
My cousin gave me tickets to the Kings hockey game last night, and damn man those seats were CHOICE!
by MoonKnight January 23, 2003
To decide between two or more options.
"You have a muthafucking choice,you can either suck my dick or i'ma fuck you in the ass"
by Terho Kekäläinen June 19, 2006
those jeans you have on are choice
by dave June 08, 2003
To be great, bitchin or kick ass
"Kyle, let's go play Mario, it is so totally choice."
by RC March 11, 2003
Excellence & best quality.
dude your new sneakers are choice!
by hartattack May 14, 2004
Commonly used by New Zealanders choice means excellent.
"Dose shoez are choice bro"
by coconut_stlyez September 06, 2005
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