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The quality of being squatty: to have compressed features, to be wider than tall.
Doanld's girlfriend is squatty.
by Jay 2 the 4Skin October 17, 2006
What you call a girl that's between 5'2 and 5'5 with a fat ass and thighs that's been acting like a bitch.
Female (with a fat ass of course): Why you gotta drink and smoke all the time? You're never gonna do shit acting like that. You better clean up your act.

Male: The fuck? I only do that shit on the weekend. Bitch, you squatty.
by TheFakeMantiTeo May 21, 2015
Plural form of "Squatty." A term used by "adults" to refer to children. It is meant as to tease or make the children feel like little babies. This verbal expression of enmity is most often used by a teasing uncle when referring to his nieces and nephews. The term is based on the observation that young kids squat down instead of bending down to look at things. This squatting behavior ceases when children grow up, become less limber, and start developing a better sense of reason and logic.
When speaking to young children an immature adult or older kid might say, "You wouldn't understand; you're just a bunch of little squatties." The children usually run to the nearest responsible adult and cry out, for instance, "Grandma, Uncle Matt just called us squatties!"
by M Christensen April 22, 2008
A word used to describe an accountant who works at a large midwestern company
Remember Ron who used to work here, he was very squatty.
by Micah A. January 03, 2008
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