A thing or person that is wider than it is longer. It doesnt only apply to cocks you dumb fucks!
Mr. Flood is a choad
by Urban Dictionary June 04, 2004
1) A short, squatty little penis which circumference exceeds its length when erect.

2) A creep.

3) An awful guy named Chad.

4) The perineum.

Also spelled "chode."
"If that little choad doesn't steer clear of me, he's going to get injured!"
by Qit January 13, 2004
one who cannot beat my crash score on burnout2
ben, you are a choad.
eat choad, you choad.
I hope u die....choad.
by k August 02, 2004
An Asian with a very small penis.
Mr. PotatoHead, Micheal Helmcamp, is a choad
by Pu-tang_Slayer August 04, 2016
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