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The Chive is just a way of life for the greatest community of misfits, hooligans, and sexy creatures to ever assemble. So when we say Chive On, it means we support our Troops and all First Responders. It's about working hard and playing harder. It's about paying it forward through Random Acs of Kindness. It's about coming through for the Chive Charities and supporting one another through humor and optimism. It's about not giving a fuck while giving the most fucks. We know how to tell a joke and how to take one. We're note legion, we're LEGEND. We don't wear masks, we wear the best tee's to ever be sold. Oh, and it's just a website with a shit-ton of entertaining pictures and videos; mostly boobs, bacon, adorable cats and Bill Fucking Murray
Chive On
#mind the gap #flbp #legendary #pay it forward #rak
by ATLChive465 November 06, 2013
Referred to as The Chive. A visual, verbal or other means of overtly being stupid in order to gain the attention and acceptance of the opposite sex. This is often seen in males who perform acts of stupidity and loud, brash actions to gain the interest of a lady. Women can be seen doing The CHive by wearing ugly clothes, giant sunglasses and acting stupid to make guys think they are cute. This definition can be heard in detail on various podcasts (My remote Radio, Podocalypse and others)
What the heck are you friends doing? They're acting like assholes.

Scott and Benny are doing the Chive because those cute girls are at the bar.
#asshole #dick #stupidity #acting out #podocalypse
by JunkFX February 09, 2012
i) A web-based platform in which millenial hipsters (that are dependant upon digital communication) use as an asset to promote sex appeal & comical adolescent behavior. Initially a somewhat scrutinized (for hoaxes) e-tabloid blog, the website owned & maintained by Resignation, LLC. is also responsible for a charity organization of the same name.
ii) a member of the onion family, noted for it's use as a condiment or garnish in a variety of cuisines.
i) "As a chivette, obviously my homepage is the Chive"
ii) A baked potato is typically topped with sour cream, bacon bits & chives.
#hipster #chivette #charities #adolescence #onions
by Afer.Ventus January 04, 2015
A sexually transmitted disease. Symptoms include: delelopment of itchy bumps in the genital area, odd smells emiting from genital area, and occasional Phish music eminating from the mouth and genital area. No known cure.
The Dude: Aw man, that sucks that you got Chives? Who gave it to you?
The Man: That Dead Head at the club... she was hawt
#chives #sexually #transmitted #disease #std
by yogan February 02, 2009
A euphemism for nearly any act. Similar to the use of "smurf" in the eponymous cartoon, but used sparingly. Inspired by and their "Keep Calm and Chive On" slogan.
"We're out of munchies. I'm gonna chive on down to the store and stock up."

"Dude, that stripper was so hot, I think I chived in my pants."

"I chived the comment section so hard, they banned me."
#chive #verb #euphemism #move #walk #troll #skeet #spank #fist
by Dharma Midget February 12, 2015
Slang used to describe someone who is out of the ordinary. When one has been acting strange or dimwitted.
"stop being a chive"

"Your a big chive Qdini"
#odd #bizarre #peculiar #strange #weird #out-of-the-ordinary
by c_los811 May 14, 2008
A creepy butler dude who will hang outside your window. A potential stalker and killer.

*does not have to be a butler. Could also be: unwanted male, cat, murderer, doctor, therapist, etc.
"So Jen, has Chives been around your window lately"
#butler #stalker #killer #jen #window
by Squishy The Bunny September 23, 2007
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