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3 definitions by SOKÓŁ

(Derived from Polish: zaszpinakować),

1) To work out and to eat to look very muscular and fit.

2) To look very muscular.
1) Arnold Schwarzenegger is more spinached than a Popeye. (=Arnold Schwarzenegger is more muscular than Popeye).

2) Chicks love to watch pics of well spinached guys on facebook. (=Girls love to watch facebook photos of musular and fit men).

3) Benjamin needs to spinach himself up because he looks like a chive. (=Benjamin must gain muscle mass and get more fit because he looks thin and weak).
by SOKÓŁ August 29, 2010
(derived from Polish: zaszpinakować).

To develop decent amount of muscle mass.
Example (to spinach self up):
You need to spinach yourself up to look like Schwarzenegger. (=you need to work out more in order to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger).
by SOKÓŁ August 30, 2010
(derived from Polish: szczypior)

1) Thin, sickly and valetudinarian dude usually with tuberculosis.

2) A total opposite of well spinached man.

3) A thin guy
When I kick you, you will break in half you fucking chive.
by SOKÓŁ August 29, 2010