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A term used in the Television business. Used on news shows and reports, 'talking heads' reffers to when the camera focuses on the head and upper shoulders of the newscaster. The resulting footage is that of a head which does not seem to be connected to a body. Thus, the term that is implied is 'talking heads'.

This definition is also where the band Talking Heads got their name from. They read it from a TV guide book.
*Roll camera 1. 'Talking heads', Go.*
by Bonnar May 20, 2006
A derogatory term referring to a Chinese person. The referrence is made because the face is preportionately flat, and thus the Chinese person potentially possesses the ability to literaly bite a wall.
Bad Asian Driver: *Cuts you off*
You: "Damn wall biter! Learn how to drive!"
by Bonnar April 23, 2006
A term applied to a person who constantly navigates the internet; specifically internet forums, blogs, and chatrooms. The 'refresher' is termed so because they usually sit infront of their computer and constantly refresh forums and chat sites to read every constant message posted. 'Refreshers' frequently enjoy posts and messages featuring their names and opinions about them, especially posts and messages in this regard made by other internet users. Insecure and self-centered, the refresher is inclined to believe that the internet revolves around them.

Used as a derogatory/pejorative term.
Average American Boy 1:"Man, I love reading EVERY new post on this site!" *refresh*

Average American Boy 2:"So do I!" *refreshes, while fat deposits rapidly form on extremities*

Average American Boy 3:"Wow. You guys are faggot refreshers. Learn how to socialize, goons."
by Bonnar May 02, 2006
a verb refering to the act of fingering ones asshole
"Dude, I chived her good last night. She didn't even crap."
by Bonnar May 25, 2004

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