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West of Scotland slang for female genitalia.

Originating from its mysterious appearance in the lyrics of the song 'Sexy Chick' by David Guetta ft Akon.
Gie's a swatch of yer chitch!
by Wolfe_S September 29, 2009
2 13
A cross between a chick & a bitch. You may hear this word on the radio during the David Guetta & Akon song, Sexy Bitch when they half censor the word 'bitch'.
Sheba aint no sexy chitch, but Jessica Alba is.
by grade2syndrome October 23, 2009
36 7
Someone who is gay, in any sense of the word.
"Martin, you're 35% chitch!"
by John Smith December 07, 2003
24 16
Anybody that I am bothered by can be defined as a chitch faced Dawg!!!!
Chitchilogical, Chitchaloid, Chitcharoo, Cha-Chitch
by Grill December 08, 2003
6 16
an asshole... loser... dumbass... **ne male**
Omg Greg Is Such A CHITCH! He Needs His Ass Kicked!
by SeXcDaNiEllE May 22, 2003
5 21