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A cross between a chick & a bitch. You may hear this word on the radio during the David Guetta & Akon song, Sexy Bitch when they half censor the word 'bitch'.
Sheba aint no sexy chitch, but Jessica Alba is.
by grade2syndrome October 23, 2009
Similar to bitch but much more expansive. Can range in meaning from "my very best friend" to "the worst person who has ever lived"
"That chitch? That's Laura- she's my main chitch"

"That guy sucks. He is the chitchiest of all chitches to ever chitch."
by glitterbutch May 20, 2015
Someone who is gay, in any sense of the word.
"Martin, you're 35% chitch!"
by John Smith December 07, 2003
Anybody that I am bothered by can be defined as a chitch faced Dawg!!!!
Chitchilogical, Chitchaloid, Chitcharoo, Cha-Chitch
by Grill December 08, 2003
West of Scotland slang for female genitalia.

Originating from its mysterious appearance in the lyrics of the song 'Sexy Chick' by David Guetta ft Akon.
Gie's a swatch of yer chitch!
by Wolfe_S September 29, 2009
an asshole... loser... dumbass... **ne male**
Omg Greg Is Such A CHITCH! He Needs His Ass Kicked!
by SeXcDaNiEllE May 22, 2003
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