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5 definitions by Grill

code for a girl with a large set of "brains"
<guy1>wow that girl is really smart.
<guy2>yea she has a nice set of "goals" infront of her.
<guy1>i always like a girl with intelligence.
<guy3>do you think she was tutored?
by Grill March 13, 2005
439 247
An ass that utterly defies gravity
<guy1>damn look at the shelf on that one.
<guy2>i know it just... sits up.
<guy1>call schmack we gotta tell him about this one.
by Grill March 13, 2005
42 18
As of January 1st, 2005...
Bil Mil instated a new policy, and I quote:
"Alright... thats it, from now on, no dick kicking, no dick punching, no dick slapping, NO DICK ANYTHING!"

Doing any of the above will result in a call to Bil Mil and you will suffer the forthcoming consequences.
<Danny Mil> You better get outta here or I'm gonna kick you in the dong.

<DK> Do I have to recite "Bil Mil's Law"?

<Danny Mil> Aww Gheez
by Grill April 03, 2005
3 2
The act of puffing a dong like it was a black and mild.
<DK> What's the difference between a b&m style dong puffer and Matty Mil?

<Matty Mil> Well... b&m style dong puffers puff dong like its a b&m, Being Matty Mil means... you... don't suck dong at all.
by Grill April 03, 2005
13 21
Anybody that I am bothered by can be defined as a chitch faced Dawg!!!!
Chitchilogical, Chitchaloid, Chitcharoo, Cha-Chitch
by Grill December 08, 2003
6 16